It's been a long time dream of mine to start my own podcast and since I'm in my 20s (which seems to be the most popular age to start) I grabbed my  childhood bestie, Andrew, and we set out on a sweet and silly journey to fulfill our podcast dreams! 

In our podcast, "Ranking Anne", Andrew and I take different 'Annes' (and variations of Annes) and rank them.

Don't get it? That's okay! Subscribe and listen . You'll catch on quickly! 


Dodging and Burning

Over the course of about a year and a half I wrote, rehearsed, and collaborated with other artists and mentors of mine to produce my own one-woman show, "Dodging and Burning." This piece explores the nuances of what it means to "come of age" and the growing pains and self-discovery it involves through the art of developing film and with the help of a really rockin' playlist (if I do say so myself)! 

It was performed for the first time on May 2, 2019 at the University of North Georgia's Ed Cabell Theatre. 

Check out the trailer video on the gallery page for a peek into that it was like! 


Check out my Spotify Playlist featuring songs from the show and ones that inspired it! 


Myself and my bestie/partner in crime/partner in all things creative, Ashlyn (known together as 'Ashline') have finished writing season one of our spunky little web series! Currently in the middle of rewrites and brainstorming sessions for what the future may hold for this project. 

Keep an eye (or two) out for more exciting info about this! 

Officially Launching 2.15.20

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